No Awards, No Monetaries Or Commercials Gives Us That Satisfaction, What These Words Give Us! Our Aim Is To Always Create Memories For A Lifetime, And This Drives Us And This Is What We Work For.

Harsh Patel

Choosing Israni Photography for our wedding was the best decision made, everything that we thought of, all our moments were captured so beautifully and candid. The team is full of enthusiasts and entire crew was really supportive and helpful throughout our wedding! There were no typical uncomfortable moments and photographs were captured with so much ease and comfort. We loved the support of entire crew and their work is simply amazing. The one thing We loved was their commitment and dedication , all deliverables were given on the date committed to, not a day less or more .The outcome was so so good that watching our trailer again and again still gives us goosebumps and makes us relive those moments. We couldn’t have asked for a better photographer for our wedding, I would highly recommend it to couples who want their wedding to be captured perfectly.

Raj G

Wedding is the best day of life and Photographer is the one who captures that best moments
Israni Photography has just got the bulls eye when it comes to capturing the best moments for your best day.
-Best Team
-Best Output and Deliverables
-Best Promoters (Luv and Megha themselves make sure everything is bang on when it comes to their work)
-Best Editing
We never thought we could look this good until we saw our Pre Wedding Film and Wedding Film Whole team makes you and your family so comfortable and make sure they get the best shots and capture.We highly Recommend Israni Photography for your big day.
They seriously do magic with Lens and Editing.

Prayag Shabaradas

I had a wonderful experience dealing with israni photography and I’m glad I chose them for our event The following were my experience dealing with them - good planning and follow up 

- great customer relations 

- Timely completion of all the deliverables as requested 

Looking forward to working with the israni team once again for future events ! 

Fiona Mehta

A little advice , you can skimp on any of the many expenses for your wedding , but do not under any circumstances compromise on the photographer , because the moment will be over in a flash , but the memories will last a lifetime ! These guys are the best in the business, hands down . The sheer dedication that I’ve seen In the team members, trying to get the best shots , relentlessly on their feet , at the same time showing utmost consideration for the comfort of the bride and groom , is unmatched . After looking at the efforts of the team and also at a few of the photographs , A lot of our friends who got married around the same as us expressed great regret that they didn’t have this team for their wedding . Full marks for not just effort but also the politeness and sweetness of every team member !

Nidhi Gupta

Absolutely THE BEST photographer around! Team Israni makes you feel at ease the entire time and truly captures the most amazing shots both unique and timeless. We are able to relive our wedding day over and over by looking through our photos and that is the biggest gift ever, Thank you again for everything!The instrument is not the camera but the photographer and thats the best part of Team Israni, you”ll find the best photographers would highly recommend Israni Photography to any family or friend!
All our Love,
Nidhi & Ashish